Endermite Shulker

Endermite Shulker Minecraft Skin
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avatar LateGuy
Level 14 : Journeyman Scribe
Endermites feed on Chorus Fruit, which they will use to create a protective shell around themselves. As the foundation of End Cities are built out of Purpur- a material made of chorus fruit- Endermites may burrow into the purpur. After some time, it will turn into a Shulker.

While the Shulker shell provides exceptional protection for the mite, it actually cannot move aside from teleportation, and even then requires to be manually fed chorus fruit by neighboring mites due to the shell's size. If desperate, the mite may even begin to eat its own shell, exposing it. Interestingly, it eats the shell in a symmetrical pattern, like pufferfish digging out a mating circle.

The "saliva" covering the edges of the holes on the shell is actually the same material Ender Pearls are made of.
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