Frame Overo Horse Pattern Minecraft Skin
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Frame Overo Horse Pattern

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From the cute horse skins collection!
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Frame Overo Horse Pattern Minecraft Mob Skin
Overo is a family of pinto patterns in horses, the frame overo pattern being the most characteristic. The name "frame" comes from the fact that the white markings form patches that resemble a frame or space in the middle of the horse's body.
This pattern ranges from small patches of white to nearly the entire flank of the animal in unpigmented hairs and pink skin. The face is mostly white and the legs and back keep colored, the white seldom conects with both sides of the horse. Also it's not uncommon for at least one or both of the eyes in the white paterning to be blue.
The heterozigous, or double expression of this gene, results in a completly white foal with underdeveloped digestive tract that cannot survive more than a day, it's called letal white or letal white foal syndrome.

The Textures to add the markings in game ;)

~Frame Overo Horse Pattern Minecraft Mob Skin~
~Frame Overo Horse Pattern Minecraft Mob Skin~


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