Frost Dragon Minecraft Skin
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Phidippusaudax avatar Phidippusaudax
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon

I have another idea for what could be added into Minecraft: the Frost Dragon.

This new boss mob would be slightly smaller than its Ender cousin. It has 150 hp and would have a wide variety of moves, including:

Frostbite- The dragon would take a bite out of its target, dealing 18 damage and freezing it.

Frost breath- Breathes out a jet of frost in a line, dealing 5 damage every sec for 5 secs and freeze things.

Chillclaw- Swipes you with a freezing cold claw, dealing 13 damage and freezing you greatly.

Consume- bites you, dealing 9 damage, then starts chewing on you, dealing 6 damage to you every second for 3 secs. You can wriggle free of this attack by pressing the jump button multiple times. The final stage of the attack is swallow. Once swallowed, there's no escape for the player, and they take 5 damage every 0.5 secs until you die.

Frostball- Shoots a cold ball of ice, dealing 14 damage and explodes on impact. This attack freezes you greatly.

Summon- Summons 4 Strays to shoot you.

Frost Armor- When below 50% health, the dragon creates ice around its body to protect itself, reducing damage taken by 50%.


When killed, it drops frostscales and chillclaws.

Frostscales- These can be used to upgrade diamond armor on a smithing table into frost armor. If a mob hits you while wearing frost armor, it gets frozen.

Chillclaws- these can be used with diamond tools or swords on a Smithing Table to turn them into frost tools. The frost sword would be able to freeze mobs it hits.


The frost dragon would spawn in a new structure called the Frost Dragon's Lair. They appear on mountain biomes. These semi-rare, massive fortresses consist of cobblestone, stone bricks, top snow, snow, powder snow, ice, packed ice and blue ice. They have stray spawners and loot chests littered all over the place. One dragon usually spawns, but there might be 2 or 3 spawning on occasions.

Reasons I want this to be added to the game:

1.The powder snow's new freezing mechanic is friggin awesome, so I thought of a mob based on freezing would be cool.

2.We're getting a boss for the caves (the Warden), so why can't we get a boss for the cliffs?

3. We currently have only one type dragon in the game; why not add more? I would love to see another dragon get added into the game.

Note to Mojang:

If decide to add this to the game feel free to change the name and texture up a little bit.
ModelEnder Dragon
ResolutionHD 2x

02/06/2021 1:19 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
Phidippusaudax avatar

I have multiple new attack ideas to this:

Tail Smack: Whacks you with its tail, knocking you back greatly and dealing 9 damage.

Icicle storm- Summons a storm of icicles from the sky, dealing 10 damage on impact per icicle and greatly freezes the player.

Roar- Creates a loud, frightening roar that stuns and pushes back enemies. This sound is so loud you can hear it up to 300 block away.

Falling Comet- Flies high into the sky, then dives down fast. On impact, it deals 15 damage to nearby players and summons ice shards from the ground, which deal 5 damage per sec and freezes players.

Snowstorm Aura- Slowly freezes nearby players over time.
02/04/2021 8:11 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
Phidippusaudax avatar
I forgot another thing. You'd have to choose carefully between upgrading diamond gear into frost gear or netherite gear.
02/04/2021 8:05 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
Phidippusaudax avatar
Oh, I forgot two things. How about we also have an advancement for killing one? The advancement could be called "Vanquishing the Frost". Second, the dragon would mostly be ground-based, but it could also fly. It could fly to chase the player if the player decides to escape from it via elytra.
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