Ghost Creeper Minecraft Skin
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MrMelonBagel avatar MrMelonBagel
Level 46 : Master Loremaster
Warm, moist air vaults through a cavern system. Shimmering redstone ores emit somber light, and the bellows of infernal sounds accompany the bubbling of hot lava pools which heat up a nearby floor of obsidian. You swing up and down with your pickaxe. "Diamonds are bound to be on this level!", The Player mutters to yourself. Just then you overhear a hiss from right behind. You've been here before. You draw your sword and swiftly turn around! Alas... there's nothing there. But then, at the corner of your eye, the dark and hollow mouth of a semi-translucent creeper comes out from the shadows. "This is new". The Player's grip on the sword fastens, and you place down your pickaxe, ready to charge.

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