Giant Kappa Minecraft Skin
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Liuku-Pukki's Avatar Liuku-Pukki
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Kappa are generally the size and shape of a human child, with scaly skin ranging in earthy hues from deep green to bright red, even blue. Their bodies are built for swimming, with webbed, thumbless hands and feet, and a turtle-like beak and shell. Their elastic, waterproof skin reeks of fish, and is said to be removable.

A dish-like depression lies on top of their skulls. This dish is the source of a kappa’s power and must be kept wet at all times; should the water be spilled and the dish dry up, the kappa will be unable to move and may even die.

Kappa are credited with having taught the art of bonesetting to humans. They are depicted in legend and art as yellow-green in colour, and resembling monkeys, but with fish scales or tortoise shells instead of skin. On the top of their head they have hollow indentations that are filled with water; if the water is spilled, they are said to lose their supernatural powers

Kappa are revered in Shinto as a kind of water god. It is not uncommon to see offerings of cucumbers made at riverbanks by devout humans; in return, kappa are known to help people by irrigating fields, befriending lonely children, competing with adults in sports and games, and so on.

Kappa can also be crass and violent. Mischievous by nature, they love to peek up women’s kimonos and loudly pass gas in public.

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09/08/2021 6:58 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Farmer
Liuku-Pukki's Avatar
This is an entry for the Asian Horrors community contest. Consider looking at it yourself, I liked the idea myself and had fun making this.