Harvester - 🎃Houses of Halloween👻 Minecraft Skin
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Harvester - 🎃Houses of Halloween👻

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Level 41 : Master Magical Boy
For LogMaiden's Houses of Halloween Skin Event!

There's a word going around in the city of New Orleans that a tall hooded figure has been spotted around at night by some civilians, a few of them say that it's no coincidence too, as this time of the year it always happens like this, a ramdom person or an unaware child that went trick-or-treating strolls into an unhabitaded area, screams for help, but even if it's heard by another person, it's always too late. And at the place after a victim is snatched, a white tulip appears where he last was
There's one civilian that claims to have seen the entity up close and survived, the description stated that this creature actually collects the essence of the people and stores them in a big jar, and it lifts its hood up to show its multiple maleficent eyes that glow bright for the conversion of the victim.
So, no more candy, everybody should stay inside their homes now in this time of the year
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