Haunted Gargoyle (Zombie villager variant) Minecraft Skin
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Haunted Gargoyle (Zombie villager variant)

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DaCouchPotato avatar DaCouchPotato
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
The haunted gargoyle guards the empty crypts and hallowed cemeteries of the village. Originally intended for decoration, they are inhabited by the anguished souls of villagers who could not earn that last bit of emerald they wanted. Centuries have worn down their hatred and muted the red in their eyes, but they still hold their grudge firmly.
Well that came out of nowhere...
Anyway, this is supposed to be a variant of zombie villagers. Obviously, in a Minecraft world, where there are dragons and pigmen, there has to be more mobs. Maybe these could spawn where villagers have died? Or maybe guard the Stonghold?
ModelZombie Villager

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