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Level 12 : Journeyman Warrior
after the illager's dream of a illager empire came true under dariadose i, the illager king, it was time to improve the army by disposing the obsolete rust golems with a golem mixed with iron and gold, they created the illager golem. the illagers made the illager golem to rage havoc on the villagers. and even thought they have the weaker and stronger redstone golem and the redstone monstrosity, the illagers favored them and give them to the voltaris and the exiled republicans, the illager golem were use numerously during their invasion of the invasion of the villager civilization, the beach republic, dimsdale, bird republic, mushroom kingdom, dansville, hero's republic, the defence of the rebel fascist republic, and many more. they were used commonly by the illagers and the voltaris. but the flaws here is that they weld welded and were expensive to make. by that reason, they were used alongside the weak redstone golems, as reinforcements, after the war, by the proclomation of the pillage republic, the illagers were forbidden to use or make golems, that was short lived as the pillage republic went to a civil war and restored it's monarchy, the great allies changed the rule by telling the new government to having 1 golem in 1 battalion.
ModelIron Golem

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