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Infected Enderman

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Level 26 : Expert Goblin
In olden times, Enderfolk found out that Endermites, previously a common delicacy, could grant them teleportation if they allow the mite to live in the back of their mouth. Overtime, the mite forms a pearl-like shell in their host Enderman's mouth for protection, while the Enderman are able to enjoy the freedom of interdimensional teleportation.

However, the Enderfolk would later discover that the Endermite would gradually control the mind of their host as they slowly transmute their host's skin into a purpur shell. Their eyes turn a deep red like the mites the further insane they become. Even worse, the teleportation granted by the Endermites is incredibly addicting to Enderfolk. The entire ordeal is generally considered to be the Enderfolk's version of a zombie virus outbreak.

The Enderfolk today now hold a love-hate relationship with Endermites, still using them for teleportation while exterminating any stray mite they find.

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