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This Mob Skin is an entry in the completed Mythical Creatures Mob Skin Contest.

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Mothman - Mythical Creatures Entry

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Redfuzzyturtle's Avatar Redfuzzyturtle
Level 29 : Expert Taco
The first reported sighting of mothman was first reportedly sighted in West Virginia on November 12, 1966. Since then, other sightings have been reported, but nobody knows who or what this bird-like creature is. Some say mothman was just a bird and nothing more, but nobody knows for sure. Although it's a newer creature than most mythological creatures, mothman has definitely made it's way into modern mythology.

Ok here's some unnecessary rambling that you dun rly need to read
So I kinda chose this randomly, I was just going through mythology and this came up. I decided it was a pretty cool and unique creature that (hopefully) most people would think of doing for the contest. I started the skin, then decided to do something really stupid. I made a 10 color palette. then I added two more colors for the teeth. It was a challenge, but ended up working out alright, especially since there's not much detail to the mothman. Like seriously, the only defining characteristics of mothman are red eyes and wings. Little tricky. But yes, it's finished, so here ya go :)
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11/23/2020 1:44 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Hunter
Lord_Sligar's Avatar
what website did you use for this skin
11/25/2020 3:12 am
Level 29 : Expert Taco
Redfuzzyturtle's Avatar
I used PMCSkin3D
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