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Lindworm avatar Lindworm
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
The Oasis Spirit is a hostile mob that spawns in desert wells in groups of 2-4 when a player passes by.
Mob health: 10 hearts
Attck damage: 3 hearts on Easy and Normal, 4 hearts on Hard.

-Unlike its nether counterpart, the Oasis Spirit shoots sand proyectiles that has a 70% of probability of giving Blindness to the player for 5 seconds, then it approaches the player to deal a melee attack.
-Oasis Spirit can't fly, but is faster than a Blaze and floats over water bodies.
-Fire inmunity

-Destroying the mob spawner below the desert well stops the spawning of new Oasis Spirits.
-Can be slowed down by snowballs.
-Sand proyectiles can be blocked by shields and can't pass through liquids and blocks.

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