Oniontail Minecraft Skin
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guineafish avatar guineafish
Level 46 : Master Fish
Lmbo ok ok ok, excuse my horrible shading lol

-Edit- I might be a little over excited and slap happy today, excuse my weirdness

So this is totally random, and made for my friend xD

This could very well become an OC for some reason, I'll see lol.
Also, here's me just sketching it lol (Ignore my minecraft mathing lol)
Oniontail Minecraft Mob Skin

Oniontail's Origin:
So me and my friend were coming up with organization names, for his new lab build... And at one point we came up with
Anomaly Containment Union, aka ACU.

Funny thing was, he pronounced Union as "Ooon-yon"
Then I said, "Onion"
So this just went crazy from there.
We couldn't stop laughing, and I said "Imagine, a giant onion running around"
Then I saw my Dorito bag, and said it's an orange onion...
I for some reason afterwards thought of Power Ranger's, like a bad guy, but an onion lmbo

So now we have an orange, power ranger onion, running around.
But then I saw my warrior cat books, and I said "what if we name it uh, ONIONTAIL!! And it has cat ears, and a tail!"

So now, the complete onion: Oniontail is an orange onion, with a power ranger's mask, named like in the warrior cat book series, colored after a dorito bag :D I also have it, the white around it, like it's flying through the air, since you know, power ranger >:D

(ppff, the shading is so weird lol, I dunno how to shade hd xp)
ModelPufferfish (large)
ResolutionHD 2x

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08/27/2021 10:08 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Guard
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08/27/2021 10:11 am
Level 46 : Master Fish
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*cries from cringyness* lol
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