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Polypheme TSLB-2057

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TheMechanist avatar TheMechanist
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
"The Teleguided Small Land Boat, a robot designed after the new use of Posedion by the inventor and engineer in all-terrain movement ways W. Strümpfe and the Biologist and engineer in robotic M. Stagger in the goal to collect different types of snow in arctic environments to study bacterial ecosystems"

Notes of Pr. Strümpfe :
"It's a quite efficient robot but it tends to accidentally collect snow with its tracks and then splats it everywhere when in action, the mechanical structure is quite simple and well organised for once, fortunately it even works in very cold environments"

Notes of Dr. Stagger

"My colleage did a very good work, thanks to the easy and simple structure, I was able to fit wafers and printed circuits aswell cables correctly and easily, on the other and it tends to loose samples or melt them and bacterias are lost."
ModelSnow Golem

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