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Questing Beast

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The GolemCrafter avatar The GolemCrafter
Level 56 : Grandmaster Hero
"I've heard from the villagers of this arid plain tales of a beast that wanders the savanna with ease. It bears the silhouette of a the well known llama, but is entirely something different. Sporting the head and neck of a cobra, the body of a jaguar, and the legs of a spry gazelle. A chimera by any means, but despite the unnatural appearance it does not display any aggression or territorial natures towards us humans nor the villagers. It should be noted that it seems to not be fond of dogs..." - Explorer's Handbook"

This was an attempt to break my usual style with something different. Been delving back into classic fantasy games and have been rather inspired to recreate some fantastic creatures!

The Questing Beast is originally from Arthurian legend and bears the same description, the creature was hunted for fame and glory among the knights of Camelot. 

Thanks for checking this out!
ResolutionHD 2x

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04/16/2020 12:59 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Explorer
Nitgo avatar
That's one thicc neck.
11/03/2020 3:50 pm
Level 40 : Master Necromancer
ToDream avatar
U know somebody made a cursed version of this.
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