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Rathalos - Monster Hunter

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Hello, I am back again.
Gotta say, making new skins for the different mobs is alot of fun, and today, I decided to test myself.

I decided to take our iconic Ender Dragon, and turn it into the most iconic monster in video game history: The Rathalos, from the Monster Hunter series.

Rathalos - Monster Hunter Minecraft Mob Skin

Being basically the face of the entire franchise, the Rathalos is so popular, it even landed itself a spot in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate; being a boss fight, an assist trophy, and even has a spirit.

Rathalos are large, two legged, and very armoured wyverns, with access to powerful ground and aerial attacks, due to its wings. Its powerful tail can knock hunters far away, its talons are poisonous and sharp, and its mouth is capable of launching powerful fireballs. They are extremely territorial, and will fight any monster/hunter that wonders into its land or line of sight. Due to their ability to fly, they make their homes basically wherever they feel like.

As of Monster Hunter World Iceborne (the latest game in the series), it is weak to Thunder and Dragon attacks, while it heavily resists Fire damage.

Also as of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, there are a grand total of 7 different forms in the series:
There's the Dreadking Rathalos, which has brighter armour and are much larger.

Rathalos - Monster Hunter Minecraft Mob Skin

There's the Zenith Rathalos, which are an evolved Rathalos; more fierce and deadly.

Rathalos - Monster Hunter Minecraft Mob Skin

Then there's the Flame Rathalos, literally a Rathalos that's on fire.

There's the Destruction Wyvern Rathalos, which has a black and blue colour scheme along with blue flames.

Image result for Destruction Wyvern Rathalos

There's the Azure Rathalos, a subspecies with blue scales and more aggression.

There's the Silver Rathalos, another subspecies that has silver scales and is even more aggressive.

And finally, the Rathian. A Rathian is basically the female variation of the Rathalos, which means Rathian gets an entire list of forms as well, which I won't cover, otherwise this description will get too long.

And there you have it. It was fun making this. I wasn't sure if keeping the front legs in the skin was good, since Rathalos only has 2 legs. In the end, I decided to just have 2 legs. I also wish I could actually shade.

Now play Monster Hunter World.

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02/09/2021 10:52 am
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