Red Crested Gator Wyvern Minecraft Skin

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Red Crested Gator Wyvern

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ArcaneKnight avatar ArcaneKnight
Level 43 : Master Sus
While it is similar to a dragon, it clearly is a bipedal creature, instead of being a quadroped like regular dragons, and this one with body scales similar to that of an alligator, this wyvern also makes his home in swamps It seems that often animals mistake his crests for flowers or flower buds. This mistake is often fatal as the wyvern devours these animals. While it looks and behaves much like an alligator there have been sightings it eats alligators whole.
ModelEnder Dragon

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03/21/2020 2:06 pm
Level 75 : Legendary War Lord
Aspirin60 avatar
I love it!
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