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red-tailed hawk

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The red-tailed hawk is a raptor in the Accipitridae family.
It can live in any habitat, whether in forests or even in deserts.
There are 14 subspecies.
Their diet is very variable. In North America, it will mainly eat rodents, such as voles, hares, squirrels... in some places they can also eat fish, crabs and even other birds.
They are often seen, perched on poles, watching the surroundings in search of prey. But they can also opt for different hunting techniques depending on the environment.
If he eats a lot of animals, that does not prevent some from trying to attack him. Attacks by crows are common, I myself witnessed two crows trying to attack a red-tailed hawk that managed to get away. But there may be even more crows going after a single hawk.

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