Rusty and mossy iron golem Minecraft Skin

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Rusty and mossy iron golem

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NinjaLaiskiainen avatar NinjaLaiskiainen
Level 48 : Master Ninja
In a swamp, far far away, there once was a tall tower, made of deepslate bricks. At the top of the tower there was a valuable treasure. An iron Golem stood on guard in front of the tower door.

Over time, the Golem rusted and got mossy. But even to this day, it stands there guarding, seemingly unable to move. What comes to the tower, there is only a piece of wall standing and a large pile of bricks to the Golem to guard. What happened to the tower? Did it not stand the test of time? Or did someone wipe it out? And what happened to the the treasure? Is it still under the rubbles of the tower? Or did someone pillage it? The Golem may be only to know and it will not tell.

Though even the Golem can't take a step, it's arms are still working. It has become paranoid during all the years and is now hostile against anything that moves.
ModelIron Golem

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