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Sentient Microwave

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Long ago, this microwave was used for a small village. All of the villagers shared the microwave, since this microwave was the only one they had. One day, the village was raided. Houses were destroyed, farms were trampled, villagers were captured, it was devastating. One of the pillagers took the microwave as a trophy, but dropped it along the way back to the pillager outpost. Lost in a field, this microwave was tortured by mobs. Zombies, skeletons, even slimes. After a few months of torture, an explorer found the old kitchen appliance in the field. This adventurer took it home, cleaned it up, and upgraded it with hi-tech redstone gadgetry. One morning, however, the adventurer simply left. He had moved on to a better house, abandoning the microwave. Full of frustration, anger, and pure spite for anyone who says there's no such thing as a sentient microwave, the kitchen appliance came to life. It stormed out of the house and swore revenge on any mobs that would ever harm a villager. The microwave explored and fought off many mobs, before coming to another village. The villagers welcomed the microwave, and the microwave protected the village. No villager was ever harmed again under the protection of the microwave.

Use this mob skin to bring this legendary sentient microwave to your world, and have it defend villages with its life.
ModelIron Golem

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