Sleety Soileteafer

Sleety Soileteafer Minecraft Skin

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avatar Sothopery
Level 27 : Expert Artist
  • A snowed-on creeper that I'm using for Old Potato: Seasons that will spawn in snowy biomes.
  • More variations of creepers are coming soon!
  • (c)sothopery
Also, this is so fun! I was just making mob textures yesterday and now things are easier thanks to PMC!

And if you're curious, the variations will be:
- Sandy (Desert and Badlands)
- Pigmented (Terracotta Biomes)
- Snowy/Icy (Below Freezing Biomes)
- Overgrown (Jungle and Mega Taiga)
- Flourishing (Flower Fields)
- Hallucinating (Mushroom Islands)
- Watery (Water Biomes)

(yes, I'm doing ALL that. Edit: and more!)

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Skin Compatibility : 12/19/2019 3:23:57 pmDec 19th, 2019

This skin can now be downloaded and used as a player skin
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