Soothy Horse Pattern Minecraft Skin
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Soothy Horse Pattern

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From the cute horse skins collection!
~by yours trully

Soothy Horse Pattern Minecraft Mob Skin
The soothy gene is not yet fully understood, as well as not entirelly mapped.
The modifier acts adding highly pigmented hairs on the horse's body, making an area of black or nearly black hairs mixed on the coat usually on the topline, or back of the horse, ranging to the flanks. In some cases the mix of hairs is even and gradually create a countershading, but some times it also causes some dappling.
In some horses it may be spreaded thoughout the entirety of the horse's body, which is what causes the "chocolate palomino" horse color, that ressembles a flaxen liver or black chestnut.
This pattern is only visible in diluted, bay or chestnut based horses however, since the darker hairs wont be visible in a black coat.

The texture to add the pattern in game ;)
~Soothy Horse Pattern Minecraft Mob Skin~

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