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Soul Remnant [Contest Entry]

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Hipercreative avatar Hipercreative
Level 52 : Grandmaster Nether Knight
"I was wandering around in a Soulsand Valley when I heard some sort of shriek. I didn't really pay attention but it terrified me. I decided to continue not accounting it. As I passed a bigger basalt pillar I heard the terrifying sound again, this time from much closer than before, somewhere from above. The chills went down my spine as I heard it again so I decided to investigate the source and I looked up. That's when I saw it. It looked horrifying, holding onto the pillar with it's ghostly arms and leggs. Nothing like I've even seen before. It gave out an extremely loud ear-piercing screech and dissapeared into nothing. I was shocked for a few seconds but when I regained my full consciousness I went back to my portal as quickly as possible. I swear to god that thing cursed me or something, since then I just feel really bad every single time I set foot on soulsand."
- From a brave Nether adventurers journey

Please do not reupload this skin!
-Hiper out

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07/16/2020 9:27 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Procrastinator
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07/07/2020 7:11 pm
Level 79 : Legendary War Lord
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Very creative! Good luck!
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