Swamp iron golem by ALEXYSSSJ4 Minecraft Skin

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Swamp iron golem by ALEXYSSSJ4

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Level 39 : Artisan Hunter
A golem with a more rustic style and with a green water color due to the humidity and biscosity of the swamps

It would behave exactly the same as a normal iron golem but it would be easier to move through areas full of water but it would be slower in dry areas (for a few minutes to dry up and become a normal iron golem) or to the reverse an iron golem normal if you are in a swamp for a long time it would become a swamp iron golem

(Notice this texture is only for individual use, if you want to use it in your texture pack and upload it to some page, you must notify me and leave my credits)

It´s scary, thank goodness he´s an ally

Swamp iron golem by ALEXYSSSJ4 Minecraft Mob Skin
ModelIron Golem

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05/07/2020 3:27 am
Level 25 : Expert Pixel Painter
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