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Symbiosis Spider

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CrypticMorbid avatar CrypticMorbid
Level 31 : Artisan Skinner
This spider came across a unique type of mold deep in unknown caves that beared a type of parasitic cells, these cells latched onto the spider and burrowed into it's body. Over time the infection spread throughout the body, patches of a puke yellow broke from the skin, the legs eventually deteriorated and we're replaced by the mold living cell, additional eyes grew on the skin, and the body was divided in half with a large row of teeth through the body.

The spider is still alive, and still lives its normal day to day life but with the mold living as part of the spiders body, they both benefit from their relationship, the mold cells feed from the spiders hunts while the spider gains 360 vision from the eyes all over it's body, while the cell mutated legs allow the spider to maneuver faster and leap longer distances, and the mold regenerates any injuries to the spider at a higher rate than normal.
ResolutionHD 2x

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