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TGG - Golem Manning

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ThatGarboGamer avatar ThatGarboGamer
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It's ya boi, ThatGarboGamer, and I present to you, the official skin of #BackOutForJordan2020 AKA Manning: The Iron Golem! This skin was handcrafted pixel by pixel by yours truly based off of the Manning image used on the TGG livestreams.

Manning's a big and burly feller, also pretty stoic in the face of adversity with a soft underbelly, much akin to the Iron Golem of Minecraft!

If you're not familiar, I'm a casual Twitch/Facebook livestreamer typically playing Call of Duty: Warzone Monday's and Wednesday's at 7PM EST, my choice game Friday's at 7PM EST and a scary game on Saturday's at 7PM EST!

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