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The Common Nightingale

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This is a real bird species, and it’s Ukraine’s national animal.

i support Ukraine. I don’t have much information about what’s going on, but i’ll share what i do know.

i saw a meme about something Putin said (don’t know if he said it or not) “you are allowed to invade a country that was once yours” (Ukraine was once part of Russian territory) but honestly if that were true then why wouldn’t the UK be attempting to regain all that territory they had back in the British Empire time? And honestly i completely disagree with that quote. (wether or not it was Putin who said it)

anyways, another bit of info that disgusts me is that people tried to escape eastern Ukraine to get to safety, but before the train left the station, the station was attacked. They found a thing (i cant remember if it was a bomb or what it was) and it said “Children” on it. And the ones escaping at that station were elderly and children. what they are doing is nothing short of murder.

also Putin has committed a lot of war crimes-

Should i do a blog post on everything i have seen and what my opinions are on it?
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