Tortoiseshell cat w/ white chest, paws, and muzzle Minecraft Skin
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Tortoiseshell cat w/ white chest, paws, and muzzle

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ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy's Avatar ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy
Level 41 : Master Kitten
Genetics: she is a black base with tortoiseshell (genetic red specifically for tortie cats and calico cats, meaning one parent was calico/tortie or red, and the other was black or red. (Remember, calico males are extremely rare) this cat also has tuxedo genetics, and a diluted tail as well as a diluted patch of fur shaped like a heart. Aww! If a cat has dilution, (its really weird) it doesn’t have to be the whole cat. (The heart is still unrealistic though) and the last bits of genetics are the flecked white all over, and the green eyes.
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