Twilight Creeper Minecraft Skin
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Twilight Creeper

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Level 47 : Master Loremaster
The Player enters the Dark Forest. You were warned not to enter, especially at night. You weren't scared. You came to the front of the forest, shifting shadows behind large, looming trees dissettled you, but you put on a brave face, equipped your sword, and entered boldly. Confident to make it through, the Player forgot one thing... not to enter at night. The sun setting, the dark woods running long, you decide to not waste your breath sprinting, but to take your time and brave the enchanting forest realm. Night settles, twilight ends, and the sounds of skeleton ribcages rattling are accompanied by the pattering of nearby spiders. You grip ever stronger the handle to your sword. Shadows phase past the Player's tired, relentless eyes. You keep walking, determined to make it to the other side; To stop now would surely mean death. You continue onward. Another shadow enters the fore of your restless gaze. This one doesn't disappear after blinking. The Player stops. A clearing in the dark oak trees and large mushrooms allows for the cold, bright moonlight of the full moon to shine like silver on the ground. The shadow moves forward. A carapace of what looks like bones, a deep visage, and the appearance of midnight skin greet the Player. It's a creeper. Is it real? It moves forwards with intent and hisses. "Real enough for me!", You quip as you charge and leap for a critical blow with your sword.

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