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Villager / profession: pickpocket / V.2

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-Lurking in the shadows of the citadel's back alleys, pickpockets blend in well in the crowd and steal items from the players' inventory.

-However, as quick as their hands are, they are also extremely timid and flee upon confrontation, leaving behind their loot.
Pickpockets spawn in large villages in the taiga biomes.

-During nighttime, they trade small amounts of iron and gold nuggets and ingots for food to sustain themselves. In the morning, they turn to thieving and take up the disguise of another villager.

-During this period, they do not trade and their noses point forward (like how Pinocchio's grows when he lies).

-They will sneak up o players and take a random slot of item out of their inventory. They then run back to their bed.

-If in the same day the player find the pickpocket and hits them once, The pickpocket drops the item and runaway from the player.

This earn the player village reputation (the status that lowers villager trade prices).

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12/29/2021 5:06 am
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it's theft
12/29/2021 9:45 am
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