Warped Enderman (Warperman) Minecraft Skin

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Warped Enderman (Warperman)

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LateGuy avatar LateGuy
Level 26 : Expert Enchanter
The Warped Forests of the Nether have strange properties, and almost every mob will each react to its atmosphere differently.

Endermen who stay too long in Warped Forests become Warped Endermen, or "Warpermen" as they call themselves. Noticed by their Ghast-White skin and blue eyes and veins like the warped fungi trees, a Warperman can not only teleport but also trade places with other mobs by teleportation. The Warped Pearls they drop can grant one this ability, although with a more severe health risk than normal Ender Pearls.

Like Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender, Warped Pearls covered in Quartz will create White Eyes of the Warped which can reveal a nearby Fortress. Warped Pearls covered in Blaze Powder will create Red Eyes of the Warped which can reveal a nearby Bastion.

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