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Withered Piglin | Withered contest

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MGSuco avatar MGSuco
Level 41 : Master Lemon
This is my entry for PickAUsername's Withered contest! :D

Apparently halloween isnt over on my head yet because the two skins I made after october are both creepy XD

This poor piglin was on the bad side of a boss fight and now they're just a thick wither skeleton with weird clothes :(
But now they have the perfect looks for a post-witherpocaliptic texture pack, everything has a good side I guess XD

oh btw, did u know Piglins also have an unused second layer like players?! :O I didnt know until I made this skin but it was very helpful to make it look more 3D!

I hope u like it! :D
Creditwhoever made the piglins and the wither skeletons
ModelPiglin (Java & Bedrock 1.16.20)

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