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Wolverine (animal)

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A texture of my spirit animal :)

Animal Facts: For those not familiar with the wolverine (and not the comic book character), it is a mammal member of the weasel family that lives in the cold, northern reaches of North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Its fur is highly adapted for insulation and life in the snow, much so that it is rarely seen in the warmer seasons. Wolverines are carnivorous, and will mostly feed off of frozen carcasses, but they will even steal food from larger predators. When they perform this last method, they can put up an exhausting fight with their competitor, whether it be a wolf, puma, or sometimes a bear. Wolverines have a lot of energy and ferocity for their size, much like other species of their group. This is one of the main reasons I think they're so cool.

Here's a general link if you want to see more about this creature:
ModelFox (Java)

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