Minecraft Mob Skins

Custom mob skins change the textures of Minecraft animals, monsters and some items. You can download and share variations of most mobs in the game!


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1 - 25 of 146,215

Minecraft Mob Skins

Minecraft Skins for Mobs

Mob skins change the look of animals, monsters and some common objects in the game. Minecraft supports mob skins on Java Edition and Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 & Pocket Edition. Similar to player skins, the creative community has come up with amazing, realistic, cartoon, scary and wild ideas. Mobs have very different models from one another allowing pixel artists even greater freedom to transform the visual appearance. You never know what you're going to find to customize your game.

Downloading Mob Skins

Download and installing mob skins has a different process than player skins. Mob skins are installed as resource packs. So if you know how to install a Minecraft resource pack, then you already know how to install a mob skin! When you find your favorite mob skin, click the "Download Minecraft Mob Skin Pack". Drag and drop the .zip pack into your Minecraft /resourcepack/ folder to install it. Here's a guide to downloading and installing Mob Skin packs.

How to create Minecraft Mob Skins

You can create mob skins with our Minecraft Skin Editor! In our editor, click File > New skin... Then select the model for your desired mob. Once you're happy with your custom Mob skin texture, publish it to download the mini mob skin pack and for the community to enjoy!

Minecraft Mob Skins FAQ

How do I change the skin of a mob in Minecraft?
To change the skin of a mob, you will need to download a custom mob skin file and replace the default skin in the game files. Follow our guide on how to install mob skins.
Where can I find and download Minecraft mob skins?
You can find and download Minecraft mob skins from various websites, such as Planet Minecraft, the website you're on!
Can I use custom mob skins in multiplayer mode?
Yes, you can use custom mob skins in multiplayer mode. However, other players will need to have the same skin file installed to see the changes. If the server has a custom resource pack with custom mob skins, all players will see them!
Are mob skins available for all Minecraft versions?
Mob skins are typically available for the Java Edition of Minecraft. Mob skins are also available for Bedrock Edition but requires manual installation making it difficult on consoles.
How do I install a custom mob skin in Minecraft?
To install a custom mob skin, you need to locate the mob skin file and replace the corresponding default skin file in the game's resource pack folder. Guide on how to install mob skins.
Can I create my own custom mob skins?
Yes, you can create your own custom mob skins using an image editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop. Then, you can follow the installation steps to apply them in Minecraft.
Do mob skins affect the behavior of the mobs in Minecraft?
No, mob skins do not affect the behavior of the mobs. They only change their appearance.
Are there any restrictions or guidelines for creating custom mob skins?
Yes, each mob has a specific skin resolution and layout. You can use our Minecraft Skin Editor to create most mobs for Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock!
Can I use someone else's mob skin for my own purposes?
Assuming they have published their mob skin for the purpose of downloading and using it in game, you can use their custom mob skins. However, do not modify and redistribute their artwork without permission!
How can I revert to the default mob skin if I don't like the custom one?
To revert to the default mob skin, simply remove the custom skin file and the game will automatically use the default skins again.