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[1.18.2] Nordic's Useful Tools Mod

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Nordic's Useful Tools is a mod that aims to add simple, yet useful tools to your Minecraft world. The hatchet can be used to create firewood out of logs, giving you the ability to burn wood in a furnace more efficiently. One log provides you with four pieces of firewood, and each piece can be used to burn one item. The hammer on the other hand, can be used to smash different types of rock into pebbles, giving you an easier way to craft both coarse dirt and gravel for use in your builds. Lastly, the pitchfork can be used to pluck leaves out of leaf blocks, which you in return can use to craft any type of overworld sapling.

In addition, more tools and items are planned for a future release. We aim to make a mod that adds simple, yet useful things without making your game feel too modded!

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

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