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[1.6.4] [Forge] Minecraft Madness

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Jokkiedog avatar Jokkiedog
Level 47 : Master Batman
More images soon!


First of all, I made this mod because I thought of a new way of making tools.... Using gems to make sticks and then make tools with the sticks and the vanilla items. Also I did some research in a book that was about gems. I found some cool gems and so I started making.... Minecraft Madness!
So let's get to the features!


  • A lot of new items
  • Sodalite, Carnelian, Larimar, Peridot, Charoite, Galena
  • Including:
  • Ores, Blocks
  • Sticks
  • Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Swords, Hoes
  • Torches (A little bit more light than normal torches, mainly for decoration)
  • Bows(Back as soon as possible)
  • Madness Dimension
  • Mad variants of vanilla ores in the "Madness"
  • Mad Trees (Decoration for now)

Getting to the "Madness"
  • Make a portal of iron blocks
  • Make a Mad Lighter and use it
  • (Carnelian, Flint
    Flint , Redstone)

  • Jump into the portal!

  • Sodalite is a variant of stone and is stronger
  • Carnelian is a variant of iron and is stronger
  • Larimar is a variant of gold and is stronger
  • Peridot is a variant of diamond and is stronger
  • Orihalcon is a variant of emerald and is stronger
  • Charoite is a new one found in the nether and is stronger than Peridot
  • Galena is a new one found in the end and is stronger than Charoite


  • A little chance of adding more gems
  • More Weapons, Items, Decoration, Blocks,...
  • Maybe a whole new biome


  • You should know how to but for the people who don't know:
  • Ok, here we go!

Normal way
  1. Download the mod and forge (Forge guide)
  2. Put the mod (keep it zipped!) in the mods folder (located in .../.minecraft) or make one
  3. Start minecraft
  4. Have fun(This is the easiest step!)


A self-made video without sound. Starts at 0:08. Hd video, turn Hd on for better quality.
Outdated (no Orihalcon, Madness Dimension, Mad ores,...)


Don't forget to leave some feedback if you like the mod!

This mod may be used in modpacks as long as you give credit. ;)
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.4

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by Jokkiedog 11/13/2013 1:01:38 pmNov 13th, 2013

Updated Images
Fixed some bugs

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03/04/2014 8:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
zombiedude347 avatar
Is there a config file for this mod, I'm have ID conflicts with another mod and wan't to be able to use both.
12/14/2013 6:28 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Muselias avatar
Wow ! This is a very good mod you deserve a diamond :D
12/15/2013 8:07 am
Level 47 : Master Batman
Jokkiedog avatar
Thank you!
11/15/2013 8:23 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
GaminUNLtd avatar
Hey dude mind if I do a mod review on this my channel is called GaminUNLtd if it's ok would you be so kind to send some png images of some of the items to me? Thanks
11/10/2013 9:33 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
Dawid1270 avatar
Looks really nice!
11/10/2013 9:39 am
Level 47 : Master Batman
Jokkiedog avatar
04/13/2013 1:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KielKyoko avatar
Think I might (emphasize might) have a bug for you.

So I'm in the end looking for galena ore, and I can't find it. Anywhere. I made a new world, went to the end to see if it was just that world. Still can"t find it.

So, is galena just unimaginably rare or, is it not spawning cause of a bug?
04/13/2013 2:07 pm
Level 47 : Master Batman
Jokkiedog avatar
It's not a bug and you should find it, It's not that rare.
04/14/2013 1:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KielKyoko avatar
You sure? Cause' I went into creative and tnt'd a pretty big area and didn't find one single block of it. I also mined for a good 20 minutes in survival and still didn't find any.
04/14/2013 3:53 pm
Level 47 : Master Batman
Jokkiedog avatar
Weird, It was tested by me and a friend of mine and we both found it directly.
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