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Afterlife v1.1.0 (BEDROCK Addon)

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Afterlife seeks to add more content related to souls, for lovers of ghosts or those who want a creepier experience, now you have more ways to decorate and light your eerie constructions, and add a new important resource to vanilla, souls. Afterlife adds new mobs, deco blocks, light blocks, and ways of storage.


    • Skully Soul: This might be the most important feature of this addon since the skully soul item is the most used resource in order to craft the other addon features. If you decide to place the soul instead of using it for crafting, a Skully Soul mob will appear, but beware of them, they will fly towards you, passing through walls and everything in between, they will only stop if you put a skeleton skull in your head slot, making yourself invisible to them. Killing them is an easier way to get skeleton heads, since every time you do, you will get one of them.

Skully Soul crafting

    • Gravestone: Crafted with smooth Andesite and the skelly heads you probably got from the Skully Soul mob, the gravestone is a great way to decorate your graveyards and pay respect to the dead! while only one design is craftable, the others can be obtained by using the stonecutter.

Gravestone Designsgravestone crafting

    • Jars: Jars are used mainly as decorative/lightning block, but they can be used as storage too, since putting them into the crafting bench return the items used, with one condition, the empty jar will not be returned. Crafting one Jar gives you 3 back.

width=556Jar Crafting

There are 5 types of jars apart from the empty ones, they all are crafted the same way, by placing the jar and surrounding it with 8 items accordingly.

    1. Jar of Eyes: Crafted with Spider Eyes.
    2. Jar of Sugar: Crafted with Sugar.
    3. Jar of Souls: Crafted with Skully Souls.
    4. Head Jar: Crafted with one skull.
    5. Candle Jar: Crafted with one candle.

      • Framed Paintings: These new 9 painting designs are perfect to decorate your haunted mansion, little cottage, or anything in between! are those eyes following me, or is it just me? the placement of these is random just like vanilla paintings, you can get a 1 block painting or a 2 block one. Crafted with a Painting and an Item Frame.

    Painting Craftingwidth=524

      • Memoir: Are Skully Souls not interesting enough for you? why not give them their memories and personality back? mix 4 Skully souls with one framed painting and make them remember who they were! Be careful though, these forgotten spirits will invoke skully souls with them, these will provide an important crafting resource in the future, so be prepared to fight them!

    memoir crafting

    What's next?

    The Statue Update

    • Gargoyles
    • Statues
    • A new Fall Biome
    • New Tree
    • More memoir designs.
    • Better memoir loot drop

    Concept Art and Making off:

    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

    1 Update Logs

    Halloween Update #1 : by Raflexonics 10/30/2022 8:45:48 pmOct 30th, 2022

    • Memoir and Skully Soul mobs now make sounds
    • Placing a Gravestone now places a "remains" block underneath the block where the gravestone was placed on.
    • Added a new small Gravestone design.
    • Added Old Brick blocks and stairs which you can get by burning normal brick blocks and stairs in the furnace.
    • Added a deco Candelabra block.
    • Added a checkered tiles floor block.
    • Added a new autumn grass with texture variation.
    • Added a remains block.
    • Breaking a remains block makes a Memoir ghost spawn. (Don't disturb the dead)
    • Added a new stone tablet block, useful for creating cemeteries, it can be placed on the floor or roof.
    • Added a new candle jar, which has fire particles inside it.
    • Replaced the Glowing Jar with a Skull inside a Jar.
    • Added corn plants. They can be farmed by placing corn in farmland. They grow up.
    • Added Corn. Breaking Cornplants gives you 2 pieces of corn.

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    01/29/2023 3:43 pm
    Level 58 : Grandmaster Modder
    EnderCraft's Avatar
    Good addon I guess
    11/24/2022 8:54 am
    Level 29 : Expert Musician
    Sausdaus's Avatar
    I cant craft jards and tombstones... :<
    11/25/2022 12:05 pm
    Level 43 : Master Batman
    Raflexonics's Avatar
    You can only craft one tombstone, and the rest are obtained by placing the tombstone in the stone cutter!
    About Jars, can you not craft the normal jar?
    11/22/2022 1:09 am
    She/Her • Level 64 : High Grandmaster Strawberry Witch
    pumpkinpvtch's Avatar
    This looks awesome! Well done thx for it being bedrock!<3
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