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Ambrosia - Bees for 1.14! - Gamemode 4 Module

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avatar Gamemode4
Level 36 : Artisan Mage
Can't wait for Minecraft to add Bees in 1.15, but wish they played a more important role in survival? Gamemode 4's own Ambrosia datapack does all this and more!

-Adds Larvae, Bees, Beehives, and Honey.
  -Create hives by throwing larvae onto a barrel
  -Get honey from your hive in bowls, or bottle it for easier carrying.
  -Honey provides regeneration to replace regeneration from ordinary food.
-Replaces Natural Regeneration, forcing bees into the center of survival gameplay.
-Decrease your tool Repair Cost using Beeswax, a byproduct of honey production!
-No Resource Pack Required!

Hive Creation
Get a larvae by breaking oak leaves´╗┐, then throw the larvae onto a barrel to make a beehive!
Larvae die 8 days after getting them from a tree, so make sure to use fresh ones.

Bees need flowers nearby the hive for them to survive and produce honey. Place flowers in a 7x7 area around the hive to grow the population of the hive and make honey.

Empty bowls placed inside the hive will slowly become Honey Bowls, which can be consumed for a small burst of regeneration.
If no empty bowls are inside the hive, Honey Combs will be produced instead. Honey Combs can be put into a Liquid Tank to have it's honey extracted. Honey inside a tank can then be Bottled into Honey Bottles or glazed onto Honey Glazed Beetroots.
  *This requires our module Liquid Tanks to be installed. Download it here.

After extracting the honey from a Honey Comb, Beeswax is left behind. Beeswax can be "smooshed" onto a tool using an anvil and piston to reduce it's Repair Cost, useful for when you need to make repairs or add new enchantments!

Natural Regeneration
In order to make bees a more central part of the survival game, this module will turn off Natural Regeneration (regeneration from food). This means that bees are super important to allowing the player to regenerate health, and adds a whole new set of mechanics to the game. This gamerule can be re-enabled manually if you would prefer to not have this requirement in your world.

Simply drag the .zip file into the datapacks folder of your world, reload the world, and enjoy!
You can see a step-by-step walk-through of this process here: https://youtu.be/LafzNue-tFo

About Gamemode 4
Gamemode 4 is a series of command-powered creations that are designed to change and enhance the survival experience. All of our modules are designed to work together flawlessly, and are balanced for usage in a survival setting. Pick and choose your favorites from our website linked above.

This module is a pretty complex one, so if you want more information, visit our wiki : https://wiki.gm4.co/wiki/Ambrosia
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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