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AmpaloCraft: Enhanced Vanilla Modpack [1.16.5-FORGE]

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Ampalo avatar Ampalo
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AmpaloCraft: Enhanced Vanilla Modpack [1.16.5-FORGE] Minecraft Mod

AmpaloCraft is a modpack where you will travel over twenty biomes, face several bosses, find structures and dungeons, build entire cities with a whole catalog of decorative blocks, acquire resources for many things, become a magician and much more. But know that it will not be as simple as you think because you will have to pay attention to your temperature, your thirst and even your diet. And to make it harder, everytime you die, you lose a heart, but there's a way to get them back.

AmpaloCraft: Enhanced Vanilla Modpack [1.16.5-FORGE] Minecraft ModAmpaloCraft: Enhanced Vanilla Modpack [1.16.5-FORGE] Minecraft Mod

■ 300+ mobs from Alex's mobs, Infernal expansion, creatures and beast and others...
■ 15+ challenging bosses and mini-bosses from mowzie's mobs, catalysm, and others...
■ 15+ biomes from Abnormal's mods and others...
■ 40+ unique structures from Valhelsia structures, Mo'structures and others
■ New tools and armor with special abilities and better than Netherite
■ A better HUD with a minimap and much more...
■ A tone of Qql and aesthetic mods for a better adventure
■ A little hardcore with the thirst and temperature
■ A lot of decorations blocks from Architect Palette, Decorative blocks and much more...
■ 2 configured shaders (one for low-end pc and one for powerful ones)

1- Install the Overwolf Curseforge Launcher, here is the link: https://download.curseforge.com/
2- Open the launcher and choose Minecraft. At the top, click on "Browse Modpacks" and search "AmpaloCraft" then click on install.

Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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