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Animal Traps

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avatar CharlieGallie
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
Hey! This is my first datapack I've created so please be nice.

This pack allows you to create traps for mobs in single player or on servers.

Available mobs:

- Pig
- Rabbit
- Horse
- Bat
- Blaze
- Chicken
- Cow
- Zombie
- Skeleton
- Ocelot
- Villager
- Squid
- Parrot
- Llama
- Sheep
- Wolf
- Slime
- Turtle

Get traps by throwing 8 eggs and 4 emeralds onto the floor, you will get x5 silverfish eggs. Rename the eggs to

{Animal name}Trap for example, pigTrap, wolfTrap or turtleTrap. The trap won't hurt the mob, it will just lock them into one place when they get too close. When you place the trap, you will get a trap remover. Use the trap remover by placing the corresponding remover near the trap.

Please say any mobs you'd like added or any improvements. If anybody looks at my code, I apologise for it being a mess.

Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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