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AntiCheat | Jail | Vanilla punishment

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avatar TomatoCake
Level 8 : Apprentice Modder
Hey together,

here is an Anticheat what I made...

All players will be informed if someone is cheating (or the data pack is thiking that),
till now only flying is supported.

But, the jail system works really fine!

To create the jail, run "tag @s add Admin" or click on "click" in the chat and
then run "function ac:jail", to get jail options.
1. Generate jail: generates a jail on your current position ( X: ~-4 till ~4 | Y: ~-1 till ~4 | Z: ~-4 till ~4 )
2. Jail a player / object: click on it and reset "<name>" throw the name of entity and "<time>", how long the entity is in the jail.
3 Unjail a entity: reset "<name>" throw the entity name.

Other information:

- Entitys with tag "Admin" cannot be jailed
- Jail a entity only works if a jail is created
- only one jail is at one time alive (the last what was created)
- if a player has the levitation or the slow-falling effect, he not was warned by the system

Important: If the pack is loaded or your aren't jailed anymore, you can click on "Go to Spawn". To set the spawn, open "tick.mcfunction" and replace ~ ~5 ~ to your spawn coordinates. [ Lines: 12, 27, 28 ]

Please report bugs or your ideas in the comments! [ Please what I should add to the anticheat! ]
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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