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Almodozo avatar Almodozo
Level 23 : Expert Modder

Main Description:

Greetings from Almodozo!
Glad to present you a mod that we've made with my pall DarkVoron - STALKERSURVIVAL.
It is the first version that was intended to be used in our project, but now it is gone and thus it is released.

The mod is perfect to use in servers with Stalker, Dayz, Metro or other post-apocalyptic or survival setting. However, it is not done yet and I will try to do my best updating it recently.

More pictures:
[alpha] STALKER: SURVIVAL Minecraft Mod
[alpha] STALKER: SURVIVAL Minecraft Mod
Use shaders like Lagless Shaders to achieve such effect of flashlight.

List of features:

1.Items for quests - hand-painted items with Russian description saying "You can sell this". Items names ARE NOT YET TRANSLATED in English, but this is yet to come.TIP: Rename items using vanilla method, this will work perfectly.
2.Various medecine - has sound on consumption and works just sweet. You need to be in survival mod for used item to disappear from your hands. There is another Russian description saying "You can heal using it.".
3. Artifacts - special items with brief Russian descriptions, possibly they could be rare to find in your project and they could be sold for a large a,ount of money. They should give you effect while holding, but it is rather buggy.
4. Various atmospheric texture replacements for vanilla mobs and player.

Planned features:

1. Dropbox mods folder synchronization. It should be a key to our upcoming update creation, and it is even somehow implemented in the current build, but it is way too buggy and I am way too lazy to fix it.
However, it is highly likely that I will give up and use normal Version Checker(www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/version-checker/files/). You can install it now and just wait for next sucessful updates,
or you can install nothing and wait for fixed stable version of my mod(this is even recommended, read P.S.).
2. MOAAAAR blocks & items - for sure. Possible even mobds are going to be added in the next updates.

P.S. If something goes wrong either with mod or with its assets, please PM me. I'll do my best to help. However, the mod is in very early alpha, so you should agree before downloading it that you are fully responsible for
anything that happens as a result of using this mod(world corruptions or any other issue) because you fully understand what you are doing.
If you still have any questions, you can write me a personal message. Notice: code IS obfuscated to avoid commercial modification, you can request the source using PM service.(only for fair use)
Dr Almodozo.######

For Russian-speaking guys(nothing really special, just some words from another coder):

Всем привет!
Публикую мод на "псевдо-сталкерский"(почти все текстуры нарисованы художником, а не взяты из сталкера) контент для МК 1.7.10.
Есть куча квестовых предметов, перерисован скин игрока, зомби, свиньи заменены на плотей. В моде присуствуют рабочие аптечки со звуком использования.
Имеется туева хуча блоков, часть из них с тайлингом(СТМ).
Делал мод вместе с венгром Almodozo, мы хотели поднять сервер с особым сеттингом - как бы сталкерский, но Зона расширилась и поглотила неизвестную страну из ОВД.
В итоге получился неплохой камерный сервер, но он не имел популярности, поэтому было принято решение выкатить его сюда.
P.S. На моде ремап(спасибо MrGfix), чтобы всякие странные люди не воровали и не выдавали за свое(кстати, текстуры тоже без разрешения на берите). Если делаете свой сервер, напишите в ЛС этого аккаунта, могу переделать мод под Вас
или дать исходный код, бесплатно, конечно. Но без воровства, художник обидится. :3
P.P.S. Сверху важное описание от второго автора.
С Ув., DarkVoron
CreditMrGfix for code remapping/ Dr Almodozo for distribution and help/ DarkVoron for mod base/ M.P. for making textures
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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