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Approximately Way Too Many Stones

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Level 28 : Expert Modder
Approximately Way Too Many Stones is the now 2nd addition to the Approximately Way Too Many ___ Series. It adds, you guessed it, Approximately Way Too Many Stones.
Being, 7 stone types. 6 of which have a stone, brick, polished, and chiseled variant


Approximately Way Too Many Stones contains:

    • 251 elements total

    • 7 stone types

    • 87 blocks total

    • 155 recipes total (all given in game)

A list of the stones (in order from left to right in the mods 2nd image displayed):

Molsat: A dark blue stone that spawns deep underground, only in ocean type biomes.

Clustone: A greenish blue stone that spawns underground underwater.

Farthite: A common purple stone that generates only in the end. But not in the center island.

Gripstone: A brown stone that spawns in the undergrounds of mountains and the badlands. It allows you to run faster when running on it. Can be made into Gripstone Tracks which have an increased effect,

Dulite: A common dark blue stone that spawns deep underground.

Sufiton: A slightly red tinted stone that spawns commonly in the nether.

Tatterite: A common brown stone that spawns underground.

CreditThis mod was made using MCreator.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

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