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Armor & Combat Overhaul - "Minecraft 1.16.6"

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BlakeKevin avatar BlakeKevin
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Armor & Combat Overhaul mod!

A mod that adds more tiered Armors and New weapons, while remaining vanilla friendly!

5% Progress - Planning Phase
6% Progress - Implementing New Armor & Tool Tiers
7% Progress - Balancing New Tiers with Vanilla Tiers & Working on Complementary Resource Pack or Existing Items (Netherite to Netherite Plated Diamond Armor & Tools)
8% Progress - Testing in-game Armor sets (Netherite Plated Gold Armor & "true" Netherite Armor)

General Overhauls & Additions!

  • Protection Enchantments Stack (Example: Fire Prop 4 & Blast Prop on same Helmet)

  • Protection 5

  • Putting Leather Armor and Dye in a curtain slots will dye the armor differently, you can dye the whole item, the strip on the helmet, & the knee pads on the leggings! Allowing for multicolored Leather Armor

  • Quilted Banner, or in laymen terms a flat banner that sits flush on the wall like a Map or Painting

    • Scalable a 2x4 item frame formation on the wall will make a larger banner, same for 4x8 and up

  • Tiered Spears

    • Flint, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Plated, Netherite

    • Throw it like a trident

  • Enflamed Gold Tools: Gold on Blaze Rods

  • Plated Tools: Allows Tools to share the same tiers as armor

  • True Netherite Tools: Complements to Netherite Armor*

  • Cauldron Potions: does what it says

  • Potion Imbued Tools and Armor: Right Click a Cauldron with a Potion Holding a Tool or Armor Piece to Imbue it, adds potion to Tool or Armor (Example: Speed II on Boots will make you run speed to indefinitely or strength on a Pickaxe will amplify to to much like Unbreaking)

    • Also works for *Dragons Tongue on swords

  • Blaze Eyes: Put an Eye of Ender in a crafting table with more blaze powder, A renewable throwable teleporter, has a durability of 128

  • Fermented Chorus Fruit: Combine Chorus fruit and Netherwart in a crafting table, Eat it and teleport to your last saved respawn point

  • Baby Ender Drgon Mini Boss, Find them in Large End Cities defeat them and they could drop a *Dragons Tongue

  • Dragons Tongue used for imbuing swords with withering

Primary Overhaul! (Pictured)
r/Minecraft - Armor Overhaul & Combat Mod!
A better Tiered List of Armor

Primary Overhaul! (Explained)
Leather ArmorYour Standard Leather Armor from VanillaYour Standard Armor Recipes
Chainmail ArmorYour Standard Chainmail ArmorStandard Armor Recipes in Iron Nuggets
Iron ArmorYour Standard Iron ArmorYour Standard Armor Recipes
Gold ArmorYour Standard Gold ArmorYour Standard Armor Recipes
Netherite Plated Gold ArmorGold Armor with the Durability of Diamond, Keeps Piglins neutral , with a RetextureGold Armor with a Netherite Ingot in the Smithing Table
Diamond ArmorYour Standard Diamond ArmorYour Standard Armor Recipes
Netherite Plated Diamond ArmorThe Standard Netherite Armor in game, with a RetextureCurrent In-game Netherite Armor Smithing Table Recipe
Netherite ArmorThe Best General Protective ArmorYour Standard Armor Recipes in Netherite Ingots

Vanity Armor! (Pictured)
r/Minecraft - Armor Overhaul & Combat Mod!
Special Crafted Armor for Specific Use Cases

Vanity Armor! (Explained)
Plated Chainmail ArmorPrimarily Decorative, durability of Gold With the Protection of IronChainmail armor in a Smithing table with an Iron ingot
Decorated Iron ArmorPrimarily Decorative, durability & Protection of Iron, Keeps Piglins neutral, New TextureIron Armor with Gold nugget in Smithing table
Enflamed Gold ArmorMakes Player invulnerable to all incoming Fire and Lava Damage without loosing Durability, Keeps Piglins neutral, Same durability as Standard Gold Armor, New TextureGold Armor Surrounded by 4 Blaze powder and 4 magma cream in a crafting table
Soul ArmorGives minimal Protective values but for every "death" that should have occurred 1 durability durability is lost, Helmet has 5 Durability, Chest Plate has 10 Durability, Leggings have 10 Durability, boots have 5 Durability, New TextureHelmet: 5 Soul Sand, 1 Totem of Undying. Chestplate: 7 Soul Sand, 1 Totem of Undying. Leggings: 6 Soul Sand, 1 Totem of Undying. Boots: 4 Soul Sand, 1 Totem of Undying
Heart of The Nether ArmorAll Hostile mobs Become neutral to the Player in all dimensions! When a full set is worn player become like a mobile beacon and enables (Haste II)Helmet: 5 Diamond Blocks. Chestplate 7 Diamond Blocks, 1 Nether Star. Leggings 7 Diamond Blocks. Boots: 4 Diamond Blocks
Elytra ChestplateAny Standard (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Plated, or Netherite) Chestplate and Elytra Can be fused for Protective and flight abilities. Also Works on Plated Chainmail & Decorated Iron ChestplatesChestplate and Elytra in Smithing table
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

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