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Auto Crafting with Custom Crafting-Recipes

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avatar fafik77
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Long term Auto Crafting In Word.

Have you noticed that one thing still to be done only by players hand is Crafting .
No more Hand Crafting it is time for Auto Crafting to handle it.

Extract content (datapacks) into datapacks.
Optionally extract rescourcepack into rescourcepacks

  1. Simply place Droppers in the same pattern as recipe in Crafting Grid and put Crafting Table named:"Auto Craft" in Item Frame 1 block in front.
  2. Place a Hopper bellow to "Extract" Crafted Content (beware of hopper overfilling as it will Not craft, actually when Redstone locked hopper it wont craft either)
  3. Auto Un-Craft accepts Books, Bows and Fishing Rods Cursed with Vanishing
  • Once placed -- Crafting Table will become "Bound" to that Spot and that Layout to prevent crafting inappropriate things. Also Enables you to Encroach that left over Space which would otherwise cause issues.
  • If you need to remove Auto Crafter when there are other ones around: remove the blocks from that Crafter and use /trigger AutoC_CR_Clean add 1 to remove it for good
  • Works in Multiplayer
  • Structure Can be teleported (eg. by other datapacks)
An example of what it can do
  • Take bucket content leaving empty bucket behind(for easy refilling)
  • Damage Tools (automates the making of Grass Paths)
  • UnCraft armor returning materials based on its Damage
Adding own recipes with custom items

Inspired by SciCrafters resource gathering capabilities.
PS. if you dont like those smiley Droppers you can replace them later with any other Storage
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : 05/23/2019 4:34:45 amtoday

All scores for Auto Crafting are removed in the same tick after being used (prevents dangling UUIDs from entities)
Removing Durability from tools now cleans after itself
Reversed Block Compressing using 4 items to previous method

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