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Beasts of War

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EternalChampion avatar EternalChampion
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
This is a pre release of the bests of war mod not much new content added, but new kinda OP loot tables for the vanilla creatures (as in their drops don't include diamonds and that kind of stuff, but they drop a lot of bones and leather, i got a whole stack of bones after killing just five pigs) and adds a new armor set: chitin, which is designed specifically for the origins mod, eventually once MCreator stops fighting me with custom models(that is my only struggle now) the soul swimmer is not in the mod yet, but he/she is also hoping to be added and despises MCreator's garbage fabric generator.
Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

1 Update Logs

prerelease 1 : by EternalChampion 12/14/2022 8:43:24 pmDec 14th, 2022

Added new loot tables for mobs:spider, drowned, phantom, slime, zombie

Added phantom leather (texture is unfinished)

Added bonemold armor and sword (bonemold plates are made with 8 bones and 1 slimeball) is made with a chitin piece of of armor and the respective number of bonemold plates and then the product must be blasted in a blast furnace to be wearable.

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