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This mod requires Fabric Language Kotlin utility mod.
This mod requires Fabric Language Kotlin utility mod. (Compatible version: 1.3.72+build.1)
Include this mod into your mod folder.


Befriends! by taming more mobs.
This mod presents a new way of transforming and interacting with hostile mobs that can do different kinds of useful activities!


1. Vindor (by transforming a Vindicator):

Do you remember that whole blocks of emeralds that you borrowed from Vindicator? Of course you don't. That's why Vindicator is angry with you because he wants his money back! Show him that you want to pay your debt back to him by letting him look at emerald blocks. This way he can be tamed and be a Vindor, not like the other Vindicators.

Vindor is a vendor for wonder trades. Interact with him and put your item to be traded and attach your message too! Wait for a while, and don't disturb him as he needs to connect to the minecraft internet, which is slow as heck in the middle of the woods. When your item has been traded, he will notify you from a bell noise and the indicator on his shirt!

2. Evione (by transforming an Evoker)

Evione has learnt so many spells and has finally lost his mind when he discovered his true power. You can hinder his wrongdoings by fishing out his Vex essence stock (this is how he can evoke a lot of Vexes!). Now, he is powerless, he will show his true identity - just a coward fella that want to duplicate things.

Every once in a while, he will drop a Vex essence. This essence can be used to speed up the synthesis of the item. He gets so many inspiration at night, especially during full moon. That is the time when he can synthesis vex essence more than usual!

3. Wizard ( from a Witch)

The Witch is sad! and lonely.. She just wished that people would love her just the way she is, but the villagers always make fum of her mole. If only she can get a flower from someone.. she will teach them how to craft special items from potions! That is when she will transform into a Wizard.

"But a Wizard is a male!", you say? Sorry, this is Minecraft. There is no gender, and these are gender neutral terms. :p
A list of wizard professions can be found here

Different flowers teach you different recipes. All recipe consists of a flower and a potion, but sometimes you need extra material to craft the item. However, the recipe expires in an hour, but that's great so that you can get new recipe every hour!


Next update:

- Skeleton, a gambler - skeleton love to gamble, but he just don't have enough luck. He has sold everything even his own skin just to gamble more and more! Maybe you can change the fate of his life - by gambling with him
- Partyfish, a party animal - silverfish found barrels of beer and was severely drunk. He attacks you because he thought you were one of his girlfriends that just never want to be loyal. He just want to light up the world of another silverfish...
- Zum, a head collector - the zombies really likes to collect heads, you can actually buy from him with a cheap price of milk because he also needs calcium

This mod is configureable. Explanation for the configuration file is provided in the configuration file page.
Creditmy parents :), my brother :]]
Progress30% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

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Update #2 : 0.0.3 - Added Wizard : 08/23/2020 9:30:46 amAug 23rd

A witch can be converted into a wizard by using flowers on them with the chance of 15%. Wizard crafts items based on the given craft menu, and each craft expires after an hour of ticks. The craft menu depends on the type of flower that is given to the witch.
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