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BetterBeta 1.2.2 *Quality of Life Update*

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zxmbiegrrl avatar zxmbiegrrl
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Better Beta v1.2.2

A Total Conversion Mod For Beta 1.7.3

Better Beta (name pending) is a mod about increasing the depth of old Minecraft, and developing Minecraft in a different direction based on my personal design principles for how I think Minecraft should be. This project started as a server in early 2021, based in 1.16 but I grew frustrated with modifying vanilla game mechanics using plugins as well as how laggy servers are, so I started messing around with modding and eventually, about 8 days ago started actually adding content to the mod.

Design Principles

I think that in order for Minecraft to be at it's best, there needs to be a balance between Survival, Adventure and Construction. Survival is all about keeping yourself alive, making sure you have the items you need to play the game and making sure you aren't killed by monsters. Adventure is about discovering new monsters, loot, and exploring the world Minecraft has to offer. Construction is all about your base and transforming the world into your own. Creating a farm, an awesome castle or making an outpost to mark a location would be awesome examples of construction. Another goal of the mod is to leave no item behind. I am very frustrated when playing modern Minecraft because of how many items either aren't useful or are only useful for a certain gimmick.


What's in the mod so far?

Quality of Life Changes:
* Food can no longer be eaten on full health.
* Pickaxes & Axes are effective against blocks that make sense. (Furnace, Crafting Table, Doors, Signs, Redstone Ore)
* Blocks with a GUI can be shift clicked to cancel the opening and place other items on them.
* Slimes now spawn from 0-32 y levels, instead of 0-16.

Aesthetic Changes:
* Eating food now has sounds
* Tools now have sounds for breaking
* Ghast fireballs now have an actual texture instead of being snowballs.
* Armor slots now have actual icons.
* Bows now render in 3D.

Gameplay Changes:
Until I add an in-game way of browsing recipes, you can view all the recipes here.

F3 Changes:
The f3 menu has been changed. It now only displays ram information and light level. This is to encourage players to learn the area of where they live, learn to recognize landmarks and also create markers and outposts so they can find their way around the map

Combat Changes:
* Mobs can now attack more quickly and some mobs have a new stat called Knockback Resistance
* Zombies have a knockback resistance of 0.5, meaning they resist knockback 50% of the time.
* Spiders have a knockback resistance of 0.125, meaning they resist knockback 12.5% of the time.

Aesthetic Blocks:
* Wool Slabs! Now you can make the couch of your dreams!
* White wool slabs can be dyed or you can craft 3 wool slabs out of 3 of the same wool color.

Scared Animals:
* When hit, pigs, cows and other animals will now panic and run around.
* Animals will also panic if other animals are hit near them. If you run into a pack and hit one they will all scatter :)

Difficult Ores:
* Iron, Diamond and Gold will smelt/mine into shards. 4 Shards = 1 ingot/gem. This makes getting comfortable more difficult and encourages repairing your tools and armor instead of just making a new set.

Food Rebalancing:
* Many common foods have been nerfed as I plan to add better healing and more difficult to farm foods. The first is pumpkin pie.[​/p]
* Buffed cookies to better fit their rarity. (8 hearts per stack instead of 4.)

Repairing your Gear:
* Crafting the Alchemical Repairer will allow you to fix your armor and tools. Especially important for armor, since in beta your armor durability is directly correlated to how much you protect.

Farmable Pumpkins:

Crafting a pumpkin will yield two Pumpkin Seeds!
* They will slowly grow and transform into a pumpkin!
* Very slowly though. Pumpkins were a rare resource in beta and I want them to be decently hard to farm.

Bow Changes:
* Bows now have a 1 second cooldown between shots, and also have durability.

Fixed Score System:

* I got sick of seeing &e0 whenever I died so I decided to fix that and also added score values for all hostile and passive mobs. Eventually I want to expand this system to add new ways to get score.

Updated Generation:

* I have ported ravines and mineshafts to the beta generation.
Download & Other Info

Go to the download section and download the MultiMC instance.
If you already have MultiMC, go to add instance and import from zip.. If not, download it at multimc.org/

Reminder that this is a total conversion mod and as such compatibility with other mods is not supported at all. If there is a mod that works with this one, it will most likely break in the future.
If there's something in a mod you really like, tell us and we may implement something like that mechanic.
This mod is also very new so any bugs found please report to us so we can fix them. <3

This mod will be updating frequently, there is not a crazy amount of content now but I have been working on this consistently and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. If you would like to contribute with ideas, coding or art, join our discord and contact me.

Join the Discord here
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7 beta

3 Update Logs

BetterBeta 1.2.2 -- Bug fixes and quality of life : by zxmbiegrrl 01/17/2022 10:43:26 amJan 17th, 2022


Removed double durability damage in the nether. (Feature was not working how I wanted to.)
Recoded and re-optimized the alchemical repairer.
* Fixed multiple bugs
* Repairing a tool now restores an additional 10% of durability.
* You can now repair gold tools & armor.
* You can now repair diamant bows, shears, fishing rods and flint & steel.
* You can now break down iron & diamond tools into raw materials using coal in the repairer.
* You can now sneak to cancel interaction with the repairer.
Removed the ability for spiders to track players through walls. (Due to the mob tracking radius being doubled, spiders got really annoying.)

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02/26/2022 9:37 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
owoolkie avatar
can you make a non mult mc version for like betacraft
03/14/2022 11:42 amhistory
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
zxmbiegrrl avatar
I havent used betacraft, but if you install this BetterBeta zip into a working forge jar it should work. (Make sure you put the sounds in the resources/newsound folder!)
02/18/2022 12:08 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
zxmbiegrrl avatar
Still working on the next update! It'll be here soon but I've been putting a lot of time into making it the best it can be :)
01/17/2022 2:11 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Fish
Flashbulb avatar
This is impressive and I can see how you would want to take Minecraft in your own direction in terms of content.
01/17/2022 3:23 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
zxmbiegrrl avatar
Thank you so much :)
01/23/2022 8:11 am
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
XKillerManiacX avatar
Can you make a separated mod that fixes the leaves lighting not affected by smooth lighting when turn on, bigger fence collision bug, bigger cactus items ect and ghast fireball bug for b1.7.3 cuz this things are bugging me for a long time since it first came, make it for vanilla only without using Modloader cuz I don't use Modloader I just want a full vanilla experience without bugs in b1.7.3

No one actually made a mod for this and idk how to mod/fix bugs
01/23/2022 11:53 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
zxmbiegrrl avatar
There are already a lot of bugfix mods for beta 1.7.3, I'm sure you can find some that'll fix your issues. The ghast fireball one might be the only one you wouldnt get a fix for, due to me making a custom texture for it.
01/24/2022 10:35 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
XKillerManiacX avatar
True there are a lot of bugfix for b1.7.3 but the only thing is missing is this three known bugs
01/24/2022 10:26 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
XKillerManiacX avatar
I cannot find that leaves lighting bugfix I check every single mods even in archive.org mod collections for b1.7.3 still find nothing cuz this bug is so obvious when playing, another bug that always bother me when building a wall made up of fences the collision is so mess up and big items tho.

If you made one of this mods especially for leaves lighting I will appreciate it.
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