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Blue Skies [1.19.1]

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Blue Skies [1.19.1] Minecraft Mod

Blue Skies [1.19.1] Minecraft Mod Blue Skies [1.19.1] Minecraft Mod

Blue Skies is survival mod that adds aspects like dimensions, dungeons and more in a light and dark scenario.

🏷️ Welcome to Blue Skies: Population

The long awaited update is finally here! Population is a huge update to Blue Skies that adds tons of new blocks, items, biomes, mobs, and 2 new dungeons! Please come and join our Discord server to learn more! https://discord.gg/WGfqqrG. This isn’t all however, even more dungeons and content will come soon!

🔷 What is Blue Skies?

Blue Skies adds two dimensions called the Everbright and the Everdawn. It includes lots of new unique features, blocks, weapons, mobs and even massive dungeons! Each dimension has its own theme, with the Everbright being very bright, snowy and cold while the Everdawn is typically darker and warm. Each of these dimensions currently has two dungeons to explore, totaling up to 4 dungeons, with more planned on the way!

✔️ Getting Started

I want to play! How do I install Blue Skies? To get started, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the mod and you are running at least the recommended version of Forge to your Minecraft client. Alternatively, You can also easily install Blue Skies using the new CurseForge launcher, if you don’t have that installed already. Download it here: https://download.curseforge.com/. Then, you can click here to view a guide on how to install Blue Skies with CurseForge launcher.

🔑 The Gatekeeper

Find the Gatekeeper and trade a book in exchange for his journal. The Gatekeeper has extensive knowledge on these dimensions and has written all about the blocks, mobs, and dungeons found within to help guide you on your journey. You can also trade for a Zeal Lighter that works on both the Everbright and Everdawn portal frames. Check around their home as they have an unlit portal frame somewhere. As you progress through the mod, other trades may become available, so it’s worth checking his offers after reaching certain milestones.

🕳️ How to Enter the Dimensions

Once you have found the Gatekeeper, be sure to trade emeralds for the Zeal Lighter to be able to light one of the portal frames. He keeps an unlit Everbright or Everdawn portal stored somewhere in his home that you can use. Once you find the portal, tidy it up, give it a light, and it should open a door to its respective dimension.

📘 Blue Journal

The Blue Journal, a book written by the Gatekeeper that’s filled with information discovered from his experiences in these dimensions. The more you progress through Blue Skies, the more pages you will unlock in the journal. You only need to obtain the blue journal item once. Afterwards, you can always find access to it by opening your inventory and clicking the tab on the right with the blue journal icon.

🔊 Accessibility Reader

When enabling the narrator in Minecraft, which you can do in the accessibility settings, a speaker icon will be added to the book. Clicking this will make the narrator read the information on the page to you.

❄️ Everbright

The Everbright is a realm of eternal day and frigid cold. Home to large beasts and ethereal mobs, you’ll need to keep an eye on your back as you traverse through this world. Be sure to watch out for snow storms that bring thick fog and more enemies than usual. As you explore, you’ll encounter the Summoner’s Blinding Dungeon and the new Nature Dungeon, home of the Starlit Crusher.

🌅 Everdawn

The Everdawn has its sun forever rising. With this being a much more humid and warm world, insects and reptiles flourish. Before entering, it’s worth preparing for poison and fire as many parts of this world may inflict those on you. Venture across this diverse landscape to uncover the Alchemist’s Blinding Dungeon and then the new Poison Dungeon, lair of the Arachnarch.

📖 Dungeons - Meet the Bosses!

Blue Skies is home to various bosses found within their respective dungeons. These bosses are designed for players looking for a challenge, so be sure to come prepared. If you find a dungeon that has already been conquered, attempting to activate the keystone will unlock trades with the Gatekeeper, allowing you to purchase the needed keys.

The bosses have been designed with multiplayer in mind, scaling up in difficulty with more players. Grab your friends and open the door to an epic battle!

Once you’ve defeated a boss, you may respawn it with the arc item obtained from it by using the arc on the keystone. Doing so will spawn the boss at a higher difficulty, which may result in better loot.

The Summoner and the Alchemist, rulers of the towers of both dimensions!

The two Blinding Dungeons found between both dimensions are home to the Summoner and the Alchemist. These bosses were balanced with mid-tier armor and weapons in mind, allowing for an early combat experience should you accept the challenge.

Residing in the Everbright, the Summoner fights with lightning, energy attacks, and his golem guards. Be sure to watch your back as these golems can quickly overwhelm you if not properly tended to. Defeating him will allow you to access the Nature Dungeon.

Found in the Everdawn, the Alchemist uses potions and physical constructs to fight. Many of his attacks can be predicted by looking out for visual queues, but missing those queues may result in heavy damage. Once defeated, you’ll gain access to the Poison Dungeon.

Meet the Starlit Crusher, the boss of the Nature Dungeon!

The Nature Dungeon is a massive labyrinth consisting of 4 floors. Each floor contains one of the required keys and a staircase up to the next floor. Be sure to check every nook and cranny and to not be overrun by the Stonlets living within.

Resting at the top of the Nature Dungeon, you’ll be met face to face with the Starlit Crusher. This sentient tree may not move much, but makes up for it by rooting into the ground to produce wide area attacks from below and enough brutal strength to cause the ground itself to shake. Seeing as it’s still a tree, axes deal far more damage against it and are required to bypass its defenses. Look out for opportunities to stun it with a spear for an opening to attack.

The Arachnarch, the boss of the Poison Dungeon!

The Poison Dungeon is a large maze buried beneath the surface. On the surface, you’ll find a large, hollowed, maple tree covered in cobwebs. Made of 4 floors, you’ll need to find the key on each one and then descend to the next. Be sure not to lose your way in the spiders’ nest.

Lurking in the lowest depths of the Poison Dungeon, you’ll find the Arachnarch in her lair. This venomous foe lunges at targets and sprays poison from the ceiling above. Being the queen of this nest, expect reinforcements to come crawling from the walls. With such an aggressive method of attacking, you may be able to stun her when she lunges by blocking with your shield.

🔜 More to come…

Plans are aready well underway with more content planned for several updates, so be sure to stay keep up to date with what we’re doing on our discord server!

🎶 Blue Skies Unique Original Soundtrack!

Blue Skies has its very own unique custom music created by Lachney! Feel free to listen and download the music on your favorite platforms! Blue Skies’ music is available on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube Music!

💖 Enjoy the mod? Support us!

If you’d like to support what we do, check out our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/moddinglegacy. Players who donate to our Patreon will gain access to cosmetic supporter pets in Blue Skies as well as perks across other mods!

🤚 Support: If you have questions or any issues with our mods, read the FAQ! You can also either submit an issue on the issue tracker, or come into our Discord server where we can help you!

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

10 Update Logs

Blue Skies: 1.19.1 Updates : by ModdingLegacy 07/29/2022 1:30:25 pmJul 29th

Updated to 1.19.1


  • Ported to 1.19.1
  • Updated how trees grow to fix situations where they replace blocks that they shouldn't.
  • Updated Turquoise and Lunar Dripstone to behave more similarly to vanilla's dripstone. Our dripstones now grow when water/lava is above them and have ambient dripping particles. Stalactites fall and hurt things they land on. Stalagmites hurt things that land on them. Throwing a trident or spear at a stalactite will make it fall.
  • Crystal Camels are a bit faster.
  • Crystalized trees can be grown from Crystal Flowers on any sand block instead of just Crystal Sand.
  • Improved the Nightwatcher villager robbing logic and trades.
  • Updated logic for Brewberry bushes, Cherry Leaves, and other things that grow to work with Forge events.
  • Some items, like the portal materials, have descriptions in JEI to explain how to obtain them.
  • Heavily nerfed the sapling alchemy recipe. It now costs an Echo Shard to convert a sapling into another type of sapling. The reasoning behind this is that some mods introduce saplings that would be significantly more valuable than something like oak, and having one means you have an infinite amount of them.
  • Updated to work with the recent Forge client refactor. Minimum Forge is now 41.0.91, older versions will not work. Be sure to update Structure Gel API as well.
  • Updated to support latest Forge refactor. Requires Forge 41.0.94 or higher.
  • Catalyst alchemy recipes have had their syntax updated
  • Added #blue_skies:gatekeeper_houses tag for searching convenience

All of the old ingredients now support multiple items as well as tags. Each field is optional. Using the old single-item input and catalyst syntax still works for now. I also noticed that catalyst has been spelled wrong for a while now. To prevent breaking any datapacks, that hasn't been changed yet. In the next major update, it will be changed from "catylist" to "catalyst" and the old single-item syntax will be removed.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the world seed of the Everbright and Everdawn to change.
  • Entities rendered in the Blue Journal rotate smoothly now.
  • Small Frostbright trees properly detect blocks around them, allowing blocks like string to prevent their growth.
  • Fixed JEI support. It shouldn't crash the game anymore.
  • Fixed a client crash on server when trying to fill a bucket.
  • Fixed crash on server load

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07/12/2021 7:49 am
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The new 1.16.5 update is amazing, can't wait to play it!
11/25/2020 7:30 pmhistory
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wow, this seems to be a awesome mod! I hope that it will be updated to the latest version soon
06/30/2020 9:00 pm
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07/01/2020 4:17 pm
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We are working on completing the current update. Afterwards, we will likely just go to 1.16 if possible. No sense in rewriting most of it twice.
02/01/2020 10:14 pm
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The ExiIed FeIIow
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*slurp* *snap*  .N0lCE.
02/04/2020 4:51 pm
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thank you <3
02/06/2020 8:56 am
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The ExiIed FeIIow
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BTW, I joined ur discord server.
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