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SlaughterCraft Mod BetaV0.2.0

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avatar Trhod177
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
SlaughterCraft Mod is a mod which changes the drops for cows, pigs, sheep and chickens(so far), when you kill one of the animals they will drop a carcass which you place down and break to collect the meat, you can then cook the meat(except chicken necks they are useless at the moment except for feeding dogs) and you can meat uncooked roasts which you can place in a furnace, you can also place a chicken carcass in a furnace to get a cooked chicken.

The Models For Horse, Mule, Donkey And Llama carcasses are a wip for now.

if you would like to join the official Coders-Down-Under discord server for the latest news and stuff here is a link discord link

if you would like to suggest a feature or inform me of a bug please do so here SlaughterCraft Github Issue Tracker
Current Progress

If you can make models and are willing to make one or more of these i would be very grateful and will credit you in the mod credit list thing (english is my first language/only language and i still suck at it).

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- [ ] Tweak/fix/Redo Horse/Donkey/Llama and mule models
- [ ] Make Bat Model
- [ ] Make Cave Spider Model
- [ ] Make Creeper Model
- [ ] Make Bat Model
- [ ] Make EnderMan Model
- [ ] Make Evoker Model
- [ ] Make Husk Model
- [ ] Make Illusioner Model
- [ ] Make Ocelot Model
- [ ] Make Parrot Model
- [ ] Make Wolf Model
- [ ] Make Polar Bear Model
- [ ] Make Rabbit Model
- [ ] Make Zombie/Zombie Pigman/Zombie Villager Model
- [ ] Make Spider Model
- [ ] Make Villager Model
- [ ] Make Vindicator Model
- [ ] Make Witch Model

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Q:Will you add compatibility for Animania! or Hungry Animals or other mods that add animals?

A:That will happen when the mod is in a more complete state.
Progress35% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : 12/04/2018 1:26:39 amDec 4th

added slime carcass
added slimeskin leather crafted from a slime skull and a butchers knife
added slime armor which has jump boost and slight speed to imitate slipping and is crafted with slime skin leather

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Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium (Link removed) :D

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