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avatar Yirggzmb
Level 22 : Expert Crafter
Butterflys is a simple datapack mod that adds ambient butterflies to your world. They come in five colors and spawn randomly in your world on grass or leaves during the day. They will despawn at night. You can also catch butterflies and put them wherever you like. Butterflies that have been caught by a player will never despawn.

Butterflies flying around

This "mod" requires a resource pack and a data pack
There is no need to unzip either file
Cheats must be enabled. You can Open to LAN to temporarily enable them

1) Copy file "RP - Butterflys by Yirggzmb.zip" into your Minecraft resource packs folder
2) Open Minecraft and enable the resource pack
3) Create a new world (optional)
4) Copy file "DP-ButterflysByYirggzmb.zip" into your world's datapack folder
5) Run command: /reload
6) Enjoy!

It's recommended that the resource pack be installed as a server resource pack if you plan to use this on a server


Spawning - Butterflies spawn in a ring around each player. They will not spawn closer than 24 blocks away, and will not spawn farther away than 100 blocks. They only spawn on grass or leaves. Spawn packs can consist of 1-3 butterflies. If a pack tries to spawn inside a small flower, the pack size will double, up to six total butterflies. If a pack tries to spawn inside a tall flower, the pack size triples, up to nine total butterflies.

Despawning - Butterflies will despawn if a player is farther than 128 blocks away. They also will despawn at night. Catch and release a butterfly to keep it from disappearing.

Mob Caps - The default setting is to try to spawn about 40 butterflies in a large ring around each player. No more than 400 butterflies can exist in loaded chunks. Numbers are inexact as they spawn in packs. These numbers can be customized. See readme for more information on this.

Butterfly Nets - You can craft a butterfly net from 2 sticks, a fishing rod, and 4 string. Recipe unlocks when you first pick up string. They can also be found in some village chests, dungeons, or from fishing. To catch a butterfly, hold the net and walk over a butterfly.

Releasing - To release a butterfly to fly around again, simple toss the item out of your inventory. Butterflies released in this manner will never despawn.

Jars - Jars can be placed at eight different angles on most blocks. Remove them by punching them. To fill a jar, hold a butterfly in your hand and crouch while standing near the jar. Breaking the jar will release the butterfly. Jars can also be found in villages, dungeons, and fishing. NOTE: Jars will occasionally drop xp when broken, but your player will not get to keep it.


Butterfly Net

Butterfly Net Recipe: Fishing rod and two sticks down left side. String in a 2 by 2 in upper right corner.

Bug Jar

Bug Jar Recipe: Seven glass in a U shape. Fishing rod in center. Spruce slab in top middle.


The two custom recipes in this pack "overwrite" the Bat Spawn Egg and the Chicken Spawn Egg. These eggs will still function as normal in creative mode, but appear as and are named "Butterfly Net" and "Bug Jar" respectively. They become the net and jar in survival or if you toss the item on the ground. This pack ought to be compatible with any other pack that does not use the bat or chicken spawn eggs.
Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

1 Update Logs

Version 2.0 - The Jars Update : 06/17/2019 11:19:18 pmJun 17th

Also first release on Planet Minecraft!

  • Added bug jars
  • Cleaned up loot tables to conform to 1.14 format
  • Tweaked net recipe to prevent stacking
  • Removed italics from all custom object names
  • Butterflies now spawn one block higher
  • Allowed butterflies to fly through some non-hitbox blocks, ie flowers
  • Fixed net model when held in the left hand

2 replies

06/19/2019 1:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Night of Hunter
I love this! However, can you consider adding a tone or two of color pixels to the existing butterflies so that the color on each one isn't too striking and loud? Other than that, this is great!
06/21/2019 2:27 am
Level 22 : Expert Crafter
Hmm, I guess I'm not sure what you mean by that?

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